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De macht van de situatie

We hebben de neiging te denken dat we zelf bepalen wat we doen, maar in werkelijkheid worden we ook gestuurd door omstandigheden.
Sociaal psycholoog Naomi Ellemers heeft onderzocht hoe situaties invloed hebben op de manier waarop we ons gedragen.

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The Power of Situations: Naomi Ellemers at TEDx Breda

We tend to think that our character traits and professional abilities define ‘who we are’. The inclination to determine ‘what someone is like’ also affects the way we relate to others around us. Psychological tests aiming to deter­mine people’s personality or competencies are consistent with this view. As a social psychologist, I take a different perspective. I focus on the ‘power of situations’. In my research, I examine how specific aspects of situations affect the way people behave. The results of my research show how you can seek out and design the situations that work best for you. Understanding the power of situations can be a key to personal develop­ment. It can help you improve your relations with others at work or in your personal life.

Naomi Ellemers (PhD, Groningen, 1991) is Professor of Social and Organi­zational Psychology at Leiden University. She teaches and does research on how people work together in groups and organizations. Her published work addresses a range of topics including how stereotypes affect career progression, what attracts people to power positions, and the psychology of innovation and change. She has received numerous grants and awards for her work, including the NWO Spinoza award in 2010.